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Troy A. Washko, CPA

Architectural and Engineering Firm Services

Troy A. Washko, CPA, has over twenty-nine years of experience in the performance of payroll burden and overhead rate complilations and audits for Architectural and Engineering Firms.

Prior to expanding the practice in 1996, Troy spent nine years as an auditor with the Illinois Department of Transportation performing audits of engineering firms who had contracted with the department. Our broad range of experience with transportation departments throughout the country has enabled us to adhere to the audit policies and procedures of each firm's clientele.

We offer the following services to Architectural and Engineering firms:

  • Performance of Payroll Burden and Overhead audits in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations(FAR) - part 31, the AASHTO Audit Guide, and the applicable State Department of Transportation policies and procedures.
  • Compilation of your firm's payroll burden and overhead rate
  • A comprehensive review of the job cost system employed by your company
  • Representation of your firm concerning agency audits and other related issues
  • Consultation and planning to assist firms with maximizing their payroll burden and overhead rates